Affordable Office Space for Rent in Singapore – How to Find the Right One for You

You came up with an idea, put together a plan and put in solid amount of sweat equity to bring your business from zero to one. Now that your business has grown, it’s time to look for a bigger office space. Office hunting can be quite a challenge considering the myriad of options available in the market. Abel Business Solutions is here to help you get the most suitable office space. The following steps will help you get an affordable office space in Singapore.


Selecting a Good Location

The first thing that you need to do is finding an ideal location for your office. The location of your office can have profound impact on your hiring, indirectly affecting your business. It is relatively easier to recruit new hires if your office is at a location that is well connected by trains and buses. Similarly, customers may be less willing to travel to your office if it is located in a relatively out-of-reach area. However, good location means higher rental. Therefore, you need to consider these factors while striking a balance between location and rental cost. In the process of looking for a right business location, make crystal clear preferences. Ensure that your business is near amenities such as banks, post offices, and shops. These amenities reflect the kind of business that you have. Good connectivity to public transport will benefit your customers and employees especially when it is near MRT, bus stops, and taxi stands.. Loading and unloading bays should also be available if your business requires it.


Comparison between price and budget

Consider the company’s budget before renting a fully furnished office. The business budget should meet the following needs.

  1. Miscellaneous expenses such as internet and electricity
  2. Utility expenditure and air-conditioning
  3. Monthly office rent
  4. Fitting-out cost

Most of the small room rentals in the market include electricity, air conditioning and internet in their rental fees.. However, you should consider the impact of your phone and internet service at your existing office. Does your new office location allow you to subscribe to your own telephone line? If not, what can you do to ensure that your customers can reach you after you have moved to a new office? Similarly, If you have an active internet contract with your service provider, you might want to check if you can relocate the service to your new office as the contract termination fee may be too hefty to bear. In short, your budget determines the location and accessibility of the office.


The timeline for your office Space shifting

Be time conscious when looking for an office to rent. Avoid the mistake of starting out too late. It may take at least three months to move in to a new office. Start looking for an office at least three to four months before the lease of your current office expires. The process of getting a well-furnished office requires renovation, negotiation and many other arrangements. Do not be discouraged if things don’t work the way you expected. Plan your time well by hunting for a suitable office according to your rental budget and then relocating should follow.