Benefits of Fully Furnished Office Space for Rent in Singapore

It takes time and effort to find a suitable and presentable office space. You also have to renovate the office, furnish it, set up IT network and apply for utilities. The task of getting a well-furnished office space can be hectic for people that have no idea or knowledge of the whole process. A well-furnished office space improves productivity and reduces business-related stress.



Location is a significant factor when considering an office space. An office should be convenient and accessible. Abel Business Solutions offers office spaces near MRT stations that help your suppliers and customers find you easily. Our offices are also near amenities such as post office, eateries and banks. These facilities are crucial for both your employees and business.


Waste No Time Moving

When moving office, it is inevitable that a tremendous amount of time and effort have to be put in to make sure the new office is properly set up and furnished. It is important to start packing up the office equipment while looking for an appropriate means of transport. Office equipment includes desks, chairs and communication systems such as internet and telephones. However, if you are moving to a fully furnished office, you can free yourself from all these administrative hassles.


Cost Saving

Abel Business Solutions offers common office amenities such as tables, chairs, lightings, air-conditioning, shared internet and water dispenser. Having these common amenities mean you don’t have to spend time comparing and deciding which to buy, thus, not just saving you time, but money too!


Clean and Well Maintained

We always ensure that our office spaces are clean and furniture, air-conditioning and equipment are in good working condition for all our customers. You do not need to spend any money on maintenance or hiring cleaners.



Unlike renting the entire office unit, our office spaces are fully furnished. If you are running on a tight budget, we can definitely help you. Imagine the amount of money you save from renovation, buying furniture and paying for electricity, water and internet bills. It’s the choice for SMEs and startups.

If you’re considering renting a fully furnished office space, Abel Business Solutions offers affordable office rental with extraordinary services. Call us to get more information about our services.