Virtual Office

Virtual offices give you the benefits, services and presence of an office, but without the commitment of a physical office space. Abel Services offers no-frills virtual office services that are most suited for customers who need only a registered business address. Our virtual office address can be used on your business cards, company letterheads and other official documents. We offer the best rates in town where you only pay for what you need.


Our Virtual Office Service

  • No frills registered business address for your business cards and company stationery
  • General mail receiving and handling
  • Suitable for receiving letters and parcels that can fit into standard SingPost letterbox
  • Self-collection of mails (24/7, including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)


Our Rates

  • $120.00/year per company

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Note: Subscription is auto-renewed unless cancellation requested in writing 30 days prior to service expiry.


For Our Existing VO Customers

Upon receiving your 4-digit locker code, you may reset it to your desired combination.

To change your locker code:-

  1.  Turn the dials to your assigned code in order, from top to bottom
  2.  Rotate the knob to “Open”
  3. Turn the dials to your desired code in order, from top to bottom
  4. Rotate the knob to “Lock”

Your code is now set!

You may change your locker code as often as you want to. However, should you forget your code and would want it to be reset, a fee of $50 applies.


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